January 23, 2017      Focus on Promoting Careers
Today I tossed the proverbial spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick. I needed a new approach to promoting careers in the library. The spaghetti…mobile morning library.  So, why you ask do you need a mobile library? Can’t students get to the library in the morning? No, for a multitude of reasons.  So,”if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain” was what I thought.
A little background,there was an assembly for 8th graders in the library regarding Career Technical Education (CTE) programs available in high school. In the library we created a bulletin board of career paths, pulled books and displayed them, created a reading list in Destiny for easy access. But no one was noticing. I emailed social studies teachers with the title lists and invited them to bring their class down for a book check out. I threw out there too that I could mobilize the library and come to them. Still no one came to check out a book. Then I thought of the idiom again and it gave me an idea. I startedmobile-libraryto really take this idea to new heights. Why not have a mobile library where all the students are in the morning?
Today I wheeled out the cart that had the books, a portable whiteboard and a cart with a laptop, scanner and mouse.  As you can see the whiteboard has the theme and where to go.  There were many students who were curious but none ventured to check out books.
What went wrong with such a great idea?
I will offer my thoughts tomorrow and will look forward to your advice too.
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