A library card today gives more than just access to books and periodicals at the local library; it gives access to the world from home or while on the road. It also gives access to the true visionaries of information organization and dissemination — librarians, who are more valuable than ever before. While many of the duties and responsibilities of librarians have changed over the years, it is still true that they hold the keys to the best and most relevant information available on the planet.

Libraries today house more than books, and librarians are more than good stewards of materials. Both have morphed and evolved to meet the changing needs of their patrons, by embracing technological advancements. Libraries are still a place filled with information, imagination, and community and librarians are an essential part of the system because of their knowledge, skill and passion. Are libraries and librarians a thing of the past? Absolutely not! Libraries have always been, and will continue to be harbingers for freedom, communication, creativity and advancement, and librarians will continue to bring the information to life for many children, teens and adults alike.

Frankie Rendón Digital Marketer and World Traveler

Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/frankie-rendon/how-innovation-and-techno_b_5244601.html on October 23, 2016.